Do You See?

>Whispers in the Attic



Start with your name please.
I come from unclean hilltops, those that are outside the maps you teach.

How do you spell your name?
I hold my head in my hands when it gets too warm for you to endure the carbon spew.

Kindly state your destination.
Feel free to bounce with me and rise above the sham, you’ll see more from there.

Give us a reason for your visit.
I noticed the border patrol guy flip out a gun and shoot the rabbit because it protested too much.

This country is free and open.
I love the magnificent landfills incinerators dirty lakes and deep shit strewn everywhere.

Show us your papers.
Sucking my thumb is what I do when I am struck with anxiety, not fear.

Have you a family?
They ask me if I have talons as weapons in my hands or burp in my spleens.

Who else might be accompanying you?
Look at my face, I have no eyes or nose or mouth so I don’t feel gazes that go through.

We don’t think you’ve been in here before.
Your winding highways give me nausea and their endlessness hypnotizes me so very much.

Do you intend to take up work?
Please let me know when you need to be kidnapped, I am good for such petty ugly things.

Do not trespass what is barred to you.
Right, probably I am fine with sleeping with the monkfish in your frozen ply boxes.

Kindly look at the camera and be prepared to be photographed.
I know someone who lent me his intestine that looked like his mouth, oh how quaint!

Place your index finger right here.
If only I had the idea you love toenails better as garnish on toast.

You may sign here. Welcome dear alien!
Ah! Don’t worry I won’t pitchfork your neck and duck under your seat

Won’t eat your breadcrumbs and will hiccup only when I am asleep;

Save your roadkills for me ’cause I like the angry maggots the best

Before I fry your head and toss it away in to the crevice from where

I want to climb the fence you built and show why I prefer getting killed.


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This entry was posted on January 14, 2008 by in alien. attic. talking. name.
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