Do You See?

>Banana Fries


Thick-skinned delight.
Long-legged wonder
Hanging in bunches
Like exotic animals
Vacant and vagrant
Welcome to my home
Where a purposeful
Stay will be their fate.
Smooth-limbed fruits
Reeking in my fridge
Waiting to be sliced
As spicy banana fries.
One stains my fingers
Picked with my index
And experienced thumb
Unsoft, firm, not ripe yet
Hence taciturn to my
Battle-perfected knife.
Off goes that one first
Rolling out green orbs
Fat, thin, all in fast strikes
Sticky still, a bit messy
The reluctance drops
As quick as the banana
Pieces fly on the chopping
Board – one, two, three
Abracadabra turns them
Into sizzling golden coins
Once I pop them inside
The hot oil pan of mine
Searing delightfully to see
Bananas die one by one
The sweet smelling death
Absorbs my nostrils;
My serene tongue licks
The flavorsome spice
That will duly shroud
The fries and the chips
In a single prayer –
Feb 20, 2007

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This entry was posted on February 25, 2008 by in banana, chips, food, fries.
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