Do You See?

>Black-eyed Peas over Tortilla Roll


He pours the mixture slowly
Over the smooth sandy belly of a tortilla —
A thick sauce, pungent to the uninitiated.

Black-eyed, or so they seem
From a brief brawl in his food stand pan
Where he calms them down with a spatula.

They eye me from the thick mix,
Upturning semi-pulverized onions caps
And specks of cumin seeds, spicy grains.

They tumble as he pours more,
Watch the tortilla squirm unseen to the eye
From heaped up stove-top heat, real fast.

Black brown light lick each other
To become black brown light over again,
From the touchy fair-weather tortilla roll

To the one-eyed pea-brats to
Golden onion flakes – as the flavor flows, drips off
From my anxious hands. I quickly devour the roll.

Feb. 12, 2007


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This entry was posted on February 25, 2008 by in black-eyed peas, eat, food, tortilla.
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