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>Blogging on

>I’ve been blogging on for a while now. It’s been okay, I’m probably not a prolific blogger, given I have other writings to do. And Sulekha is really huge and it’s darn tough to find an author who can be a good read. Well, I don’t mean, good writers are too few there, just that the overwhelming number of bloggers make it a huge task finding them. All of us love to think we write well, yes I do, but the truth is, not everybody can engage. Some day I will engage, a vast audience!

Also, it scares me to see the amount of rightwing blogging going on in Sulekha. Some are guarded and covert, but quite a few ones (some among them “longtime” and “prominent” bloggers) are rabid, odious and dangerous.

So did I not find any satisfaction while blogging on Sulekha? No, that’s not why I’m writing this post. Quite a good number of people have befriended me on Sulekha, so I am convinced this is a pretty well-connected blogging community. Of all the 10 blogs I’ve written so far, a few that are worth any remote literary value have been liked by readers.

Three of my poems (actually five in all because one title contains three poems) have been read, commented upon, recommended. Even temporarily featured on the respective blog home pages. Not bad, huh? Although, this doesn’t bring my work closer to publishing again. I need to wait, be patient, sharpen my skill and breathe deeply.

So, those Sulekha pages where my work is featured, are:


and (the three-poem set)

Now if you cannot see the pages, it’s not my fault. Login to and you can probably see them.


One comment on “>Blogging on

  1. Subir Ghosh
    September 6, 2008

    >nabina: why don’t you import your suleka posts here? i haven’t seen the sulekha site in like 5 years!!!

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