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>My poems in KRITYA

>Dr. Rati Saxena, the multi-lingual writer-editor of the Indian poetry journal KRITYA (, has written back saying my poems will come out in their September issue. I am delighted. They have a terrific International Poetry Festival coming up in November. Apart from the giants of Indian poetry, the festival will feature poets from Uzbekistan, Mexico, Israel, Estonia, Vietnam, USA, and several European countries — it’s truly fascinating(! Rati definitely thinks I must attend the festival in case I am in India. It’s being held in Chandigarh this year, not very far from New Delhi. She also suggested I could share my work in the Open Forum. Well, I do have plans to be in India in November, will have to see if the timing matches.
The three poems that KRITYA will publish are titled “Buddha’s Children; Lost Landscapes, and Dialogues With Dilli“.
More later. Ciao.


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This entry was posted on August 2, 2008 by in kritya, poetry, rati saxena.
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