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>SHEHER — the Tentative Cover

>Guest-edited by Meena Kandasamy, the anthology of “urban” poems by Indian women writers has this tentative cover. Haven’t heard if they were re-working it. Encore shameless plug: my poem will be there humbly nestled, hopefully by the scintillating Kamala Das (same last names, you see!).

Basically, these were my comments on the cover:

*the vertical view conveys strength and direct approach of the woman’s position

*that she is holding together what represents the cities symbolic ‘mammoth’ bridges, pillars/monuments/edifice… she is like the female Krishna who held the mount govardhana (was it?) to shelter the cattle from rains… (aw I forgot my mythology!)

* that her back is turned towards us. We don’t need to see her face always, a face that has been over-abused in movies, calendars, posters, matrimonial ( ads… et al. hence we don’t need to know if she is good/bad looking, dark or light, shy or angry… whatever

* that the image also conveys a sense of control in the way she holds the city’s edifice and looks upon the spread before her. She surmises it, it’s her say on the city.

* her hands holding together or apart of the monument and bridge is very emergetic. She has the capability to change, that comes out well.

What I didn’t like is:

*that she looks very ‘rural’ in the way she has been dressed. per se there is nothing wrong with ‘rural looks’, but here, perhaps a more “straight” form would look better than a swingy, ghaghra-wearing sort of form. Perhaps the artist can rework on relaxing this formative structure of the woman’s image.

*I love B&W but there is just too much black there. and the spotlight kind of treatment doesn’t make it less imposing. Could a border around the etching work to keep the image in its lightedness?

* The title font (I don’t think it is spooky at all) seems to jar a bit with the slug/sub-hed below.

Also, friend and poet Anuradha Pujar’s work will be there. Two writers from Ithaca in the same anthology, ain’t that cool?


One comment on “>SHEHER — the Tentative Cover

  1. Old Man River
    September 23, 2008

    >We are so happy to see this happening… always trusted your fine senses of reading, writing and expressing. Your friend is a poet too… how nice. The company one keeps is important. Best to both of you, Ithaca poets.

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