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>Random thoughts… with Hillary out, will Palin iron shirts now?

>Random thoughts are good. They don’t stay long! On a propitious day such as Columbus Day (that plunderer…) I am thinking hmm, now that Sarah Palin is the Republican mascot, will anyone stand up in her meetings and holler: “Sarah iron my shirt”? How’s that going to fare? As it is, some complaining noise was made about how either her opponents are harsh with her ‘because she is a woman’ (or a pit bull wearing lipstick) trying to compete with men or too soft on her because ‘oh poor thing’s woman’ and should be back to womanly things only.

Somehow, opponents of Hillary have forgotten that there had been folks holding up signs or screaming “Hillary iron my shirt” ( at her campaign meetings. Now I’m randomly forced to think, will this happen in India when Mayawati or Sonia Gandhi or Renuka Chowdhury stand up speaking at their meetings. Will a Mulayam, Advani or any other supposed supporter of “male” privilege of being in politics do or say this sort of a thing, ever? NO.

Well, I don’t mean to say anti-woman stances are not there among prevailing Indians, but not blatantly at least.

What is it that in a country like India, where gender biases run deep, where patriarchy can assume ugly forms, and where women are seen as means of reproduction, no one dare stoop so low regarding a woman in politics, government and policymaking. No sir, no one will say “Sonia make my rotis”, “Maya clean my dishes” or “Renuka wash my undies”…! They might say, let’s see, “Mayawati is a megalomaniac”, “Sonia is manipulative” or “Renuka is unrealistic” — things that politicians are supposed to say to each other.

So why, in America the land of freedom and other sundry stuff associated with that, will men stand up saying “Hillary iron my shirt”? Now don’t try saying that to Palin, or you’ll be branded a misogynist, for sure… Random thoughts.


One comment on “>Random thoughts… with Hillary out, will Palin iron shirts now?

  1. Mutu
    October 17, 2008

    >Do you think it is anything to do with the worship of goddesses in India? Meaning ordinary women can be treated like crap but women in power are elevated to goddess status and worshipped in that way.See this:Leader Deified, offers a glorifying insight into how political propaganda makes use of the Goddess to deify political personalities such as Jayalalitha, Mayawati, Indira Gandhi, etc. Ram Rahman’s 1989 photograph of the image of Indira Gandhi enshrined for worship in New Delhi is a case in point. George Francis (Scorp News) portrays Jayalalitha as the Goddess Kali on AIADMK’s 25th anniversary – a brilliant documentation of the political ambience of hero-worship in Tamil Nadu. Painted in a vivid blue, she wears a garland of Karunanidhi’s heads around her neck and strides over the political rival crushed under her feet. Dilip Banerjee’s 1989 colour photograph demonstrates women reaching out to touch the larger-than-life feet of Mayawati on an election hoarding.

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