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>Roger’s Haikus

>My esteemed former colleague from The Ithaca Journal, Roger DuPuis II, now an editor working from Scranton, has a beautiful way with Haikus. His comment was so arresting that I decided to put it up as a separate post. He blogs at arespectablesecond. Read on:


I was delighted to receive your request for haiku. I think a started working with the form out of a wry desire to use it as a filter with which to distill my own sardonic angst into little pools of pure, shimmering bile! Albeit drinkable bile …

Rather than fall into the appalling Western tendency to caricature the form (see above; and I agree) I wanted to capture moments, people and ideas which were ordinary, yet sublime — and sometimes really rather jarring — and which had nothing to do with leaves or ducks or lily ponds.

The 5-7-5 pattern required me to work in a controlled fashion which prohibited my charateristic verbosity, to which you are right now being subjected! That said, here are a few untitled selections from recent months:

“Seated down the train:
Proud sister, your poise and grace
Somehow make me smile.”

That ode was to an unidentified woman on a Philadelphia elevated train, whom I gazed upon bleary-eyed the morning after a particularly nasty row with my best friend. April 14, 2008. Happily we’ve moved on… But also from that day:

“E-mail is evil.
For it never quite conveys,
What you meant to say.”

Unrelated from the next day, after I had my income taxes done:

“Well, that was painless!
Sometimes it’s worth it to pay
Someone else to think.”
Haiku about income taxes! How very bourgeois –not a lotus flower in sight!

Then there was this, written privately to a family member in July:

“All the little lies
Told so we can smooth the way …
Deals with the Devil.”
Such is life.– R.


5 comments on “>Roger’s Haikus

  1. Ritu
    November 23, 2008

    >Nabina, these are wonderful. I think I could grow to like this art form

  2. fleuve-souterrain
    November 23, 2008

    >Dear RituI learn a lot from Roger. He’s a really wacky mind in a nice refreshing way. From your haiku it looks you can surely start writing more and make them absolutely creative. Perhaps you can try some “Indian” haikus…?

  3. Rhett
    November 23, 2008

    >Those are wonderful ones and encourage someone like me who doesn’t know how to include lilies and frogs in poems. Thanks!

  4. Abhinav
    November 24, 2008

    >Hey Nabina, I didn’t know you too were into haiku! That’s often some of the most concentrated poetry I come across… And I can’t do the 5-7-5 thing so much, so I just stick to including lilies and frogs in my haiku. šŸ˜‰

  5. fleuve-souterrain
    December 1, 2008

    >Rhettme too… pavement, crowd, rush hour and ineptitude constitute what I mostly write. WHy not haikus, right?Abhiyou are a winning Haiku writer… so please write more and share them for our benefit. I git into haikus just by fluke, can’t say I’ve written much at all! Hey, lilies and frogs are fine with me and I think your published haikus are very very good!:-)

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