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>Serendipity, Allow Me a Dream

> Wrote this poem at some one’s request on the theme of “weaving dreams”… As the year closes on, probably dream weaving is something I will indeed try do in earnest! This one is a rather melancholy poem although the given topic is supposed to generate hope, also a little lost and deeply coiled within, like a lot of my obscure thoughts. Nevertheless, for my friends:

I do this often, immerse my face in
The drifting melody of speed,
Throbbing, expecting
Pushing towards a pool of unknownness that sails slowly
Like a lost boat come home after tidal winds are dead.

Leaf falls and yesteryears do
Make up some of its urgency,
Nagging, irritating fly
That snaps its sticky wings and revisits doorsteps of a house
Called memory, its driveway almost always messy.

My dream hovers above meandering
Pessimism, a mountain,
Like an elephant gone to die
In peace and relative grandeur where motions kneel down
Aware that the wind takes scraps away to its bare-wall den

I wonder if then you hear songs
With birds sitting on thorns,
Bloodied to their core,
And while caravans lose paths in the swirling sea-sands
Nights pass taking stones with names inscribed and hewn

Tell me then why we need to belt
And buckle to our seats
For a fur-flung destiny
And hold our hands when verses wither off like ink or seeds
No raccoon would eat, only this planet would dream in bits

I sieve those dreams when everything’s
Gone to a dusk of rest
Beyond a highway run
Where your guns and sheep come bleating for a final kill.
I’m someone with a question still slung on her breast

Perhaps there’s a new sea rising
Over your brazen hand
I see its dazzle at night
Serendipity, let me weave a dream that creates boats and homes –
A web of hopefulness we wake up to in blossom-smelling lands.

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5 comments on “>Serendipity, Allow Me a Dream

  1. anu
    December 26, 2008

    >”Like an elephant gone to dieIn peace and relative grandeur where motions kneel down”wow!

  2. Mys Lyke Meeh
    December 26, 2008

    >wow–deep, meaningful and just wonderful piece. I wonder what inspired u for writing this…Leaf falls and yesteryears doMake up some of its urgency,Nagging, irritating flyThat snaps its sticky wings and revisits doorsteps of a houseCalled memory, its driveway almost always messy….vivid.

  3. fleuve-souterrain
    December 27, 2008

    >Dear Anu, the elephant seems always to me to be a mysterious animal, capable of somany imageries!! Will write an email to you later, hope all is well?Hi Mys: thanks for liking it. Think i wrote it at a moment of sadness… although the topic was dream weaving! Again, the imagery of an apparently intangible memory as objects such as driveway, house, road, flowing rivers is something i probably use over an dover again. Have a great year end a New Year, girl!

  4. Joy Leftow
    December 28, 2008

    >interesting. Was watching elephants on national geo the other day who’d taken to attacking the villagers. They’re being run out of their homes.Very evocative and thoughtful use of imagery.

  5. nabina das
    December 29, 2008

    >i’m happy you like it Joy… I was a bit critical about how dense how i could get at times!!

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