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>My dad’s latest blogpost: IN THE SHADOW OF FAMINE

>It holds a special meaning for me to read my father’s blogposts, however infrequent these may be. Not because he has been a column writer and commentator in local newspapers and other publications from a long time. Mainly because, for a person aged 70-odd, using the Internet happens to be a completely new and unrelatable skill for all his years of job, writing, activism and knowledge gathering. Now he uses the e-mail, speaks to us across seas using Skype and blogs now and then.

This account below is not just deeply touching but it also happens to be a slice of history. His repository of commentaries is an oral history that I have always found to be of utmost relevance — something that should be recorded in some manner.

Go to his blog Old Man River or the specific link to read:


One comment on “>My dad’s latest blogpost: IN THE SHADOW OF FAMINE

  1. Too much to lose
    December 30, 2008

    >Wish you a very happy new year …:)

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