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>Joy&DubbleX Fan Club

>For anyone who likes the poetry, music & arts produced by Joy&DubbleX.Joy has been on the NYC poetry scene since the early 90’s. Back then she hosted an entertainment show for Cable Access called “Inner Joy” & also was an editor for the New Press Literary Quarterly in addition to hosting a reading for them. Her book, A Spot of Bleach & Other Poems and Prose was published by Big Foot Press in 2006. Joy runs a yearly poetry music event for the Wahi (Washington heights & Inwood) Art Stroll. Her other publication credits are too numerous to list here. She currently does editing & writing for Augustus Publishing.DubbleX has been writing his entire life and playing music. His artistry helps keep him sane. DubbleX teaches in public schools.

Check out (clicking on the post title will also take you there):

After I befriended Joy on Facebook, oh yes, that much talked about (no skepticism now!!) networking site, my poetry got referred to several good places and was even picked up for publication in quite a few journals and zines. Also, Joy is a fantastic person for feedback and advice, a kind heart who reaches out to help even if you never ask her. Dx’s poetry rocks with a natural rhythm and is a constant source of inspiration.

I do have one poem of Joy Leftow posted on my site: TUPELO HONEY. Do check that out too! New Year cheers to all!

2 comments on “>Joy&DubbleX Fan Club

  1. fleuve-souterrain
    December 31, 2008

    >in fact, this is the direct link to my post on TUPELO HONEY by Joy Leftow:

  2. DubbleX
    October 12, 2009

    >Oh thank you – I am only seeing this now. Joy & I appreciate this so much – here writing together to thank you.

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