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>MUSE INDIA journal is a great reading for poetry, fiction and commentary from writers living in India and elsewhere. Reading it for some time now, I was glad to be finally a part of this excellent lit zine published from Hyderabad. In fact, when GSP Surya Rao solicited contribution for the Diaspora section of Muse India, I was absolutely delighted!

My poems “WASAFIRI”, “TWO GARDENS IN TWO HEMISPHERES”, “ALL SOULS SAVED”, and “ANOTHER EVENING” are featured in the Issue 23, Jan-Feb 2009 edition of Muse India. Read them at: or Das, Nabina

Diaspora section editor Usha Akella writes: “I am hugely delighted to share with you the poems of Ravi Shankar, Reetika Vazirani, Ralph Nazareth, Pramila Venkateswaran, Soham Patel, Saleem Peeradina, Pireeni Sundaralingam, Meena Alexander, Goutam Datta, Kazim Ali, Ro Gunetilleke , Nabina Das and Rajarshi Singh. (For various reasons, I was unable to include the work of Vijay Seshadri, Prageeta Sharma, Sana Mulji Dutt, Amitava Kumar and Agha Shahid Ali which to me would have rendered this issue ‘complete.’)” Read the full editorial at or Editorial Comment: Usha Akella.

Also, my friend Priti Aisola’s fiction can be read at Aisola, Priti. Priti’s fiction is an excerpt from her to-be-published novel by Penguin some time this year.

London-based Biman Mullick’s graphic art from his “Ragamala” series depicting Indian musicians and musical instruments, rendered by him over a span of 4 decades, adorns several pages of this issue’s Muse India. Check this issue out!
Photo from Internet (I chose Manhattan because my poem “Wasafiri” refers to that place…)

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