Do You See?


>I live in a lost house with four-winged rooms and a ghost cat I hate
Also, my she-shadow lives here. Unsung

Don’t chide my cell phone’s ring after all, it’s my full-time Raga, a wake-up call
Or my sleep meditation: Om Shantih Om

I turn on my flat-chested TV – my mailman, my unsmiling shrink, my alter ego’s voice
Friendship is not my neighbour anymore

The only humanness rises from an old bandhani rug that held your warmth one night. Memories match your eyes, they’re distant –

Remote as my cold dinner plate, like the puja thaali I’d forgotten. Thrown out petals of
Staid beliefs. Sandal paste of my sweat and all

Walking the dark corridors I fly like accidental leaves blown in by nightly dust storms. My void and I, slipping into a stupor


4 comments on “>Neurosis

  1. Runechris
    February 27, 2009

    >Very nice fresh image here.. all wonderful . I’d love a thalli of fresh cooked India food as a TV dinner.. with warm naan.. some lime pickle to go with it… I haven’t cooked any homemade India n food in a while.. This made me want some..I love that you draw so beautifully from your own culture.. I t is a nice change to read your poetry.:-)

  2. Silver Solo
    February 27, 2009

    >I love this. Every emotion in your lost house has been found.

  3. fleuve-souterrain
    February 27, 2009

    >Christina, so great to have you here finally!Love lime pickle too… :-)Hi Silver, thanks so much friend. That is so well said.

  4. Rhett
    March 19, 2009

    >Hey I liked it very much. It was vague.But I just have one minor complaint. I think that you attempt to qualify the vagueness by that cliched thought in the last lines. This sort of qualifying business I identify with, you know, artists who have a production house before them. Like movie makers, book writers. I’d rather that vagueness is not qualified so simply. I’d have liked it if you had chosen a darker image, and certainly vaguer. That said, this is your poem and it is good as it is.

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