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>Day 4: "Earthworm and Crow"

>This was the Day 4 prompt for April PAD: For today’s prompt, I want you to pick an animal; make that animal the title of your poem; then, write a poem. You could be very general with your animal title (“Bees” or “Lion”) or specific (“Flipper” or “Lassie”). You could even be very silly with something like “Tony, the Tiger,” I guess (that tiger on the cereal box).

“Earthworm and Crow”

(I thought picking 2 animals was better suited for the purpose of my poetry… to bring out their traits in a binary sort of way!)

The wriggly little thing did quick

To build up clouds of soft soil
The moment a crow drew near him
In cawing expectation for food.
The excavation by the sharp beak
Drilled away in Parnassian hits yet
Nothing was smarter or simpler
As the worm dug inside the earth
Threading away at the mucus moistness…
Meanwhile, the crow perched unafraid
A hatha yogi meditating as long as needed!

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3 comments on “>Day 4: "Earthworm and Crow"

  1. priti aisola
    April 5, 2009

    >Can visualize it. Superb last line!

  2. tanuj solanki
    April 6, 2009

    >no death no fun… nice work though 🙂

  3. fleuve-souterrain
    April 6, 2009

    >Priti, crow’s are such “hatha” anyway! Thx.TS, death? that worm WILL die…

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