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>Blogger Friend Kush Arora’s Poem–"Bygone Noons"

>With the cross posting tradition I began on my blog, this month read Kush Arora’s poem “Bygone Noons” ( It harks back to a way of life that’s fast dwindling in Indian small cities and towns.

Here’s the preamble Kush gives to the poem:
In the 90s, the economic order in India was changing from socialism to capitalism post the neo-liberal economic reforms of ’91. For much of the 90s we had little radio and lesser number of TV channels (just 2, I think). Cable television was something new.

In this poem I have tried to capture the colours of the familiar neighbourhood during that languorous period of my boyhood days, when things were less and thus, familiar.
Kush is an engineering student currently residing in Bangalore, India.
Read more of his work at fashioned of dreams

2 comments on “>Blogger Friend Kush Arora’s Poem–"Bygone Noons"

  1. fleuve-souterrain
    April 5, 2009

    >This is so iconic of small-twon Indian life, warm and balmy with the flavors of family engagements and regular hummdrum… Kush captures.

  2. tikulicious
    April 7, 2009

    >Thanks for sharing this marvelous piece of poetry Nabina. I could feel the pulse of the small town and the aromas rising from the lanes and by lanes of the city which means a lot to me. A wonderful job Kush .. would like to add you to my friend list.

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