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>Day 7: “My Good Clean Luck” and “Grim(y) Fairy Tales”

>This was the Day 7 prompt for April PAD Challenge:

Prompt #1: I want you to write a clean poem. Take this however you wish. Clean language, clean subject matter, or cleaning the dishes. Of course, some twisted few will automatically link “cleaning” with hired hitmen. That’s okay, as long as your poem is somehow linked to clean.
Prompt #2: I want you to write a dirty poem. Take all that stuff I wrote in the first prompt and twist it upside down. The opposite of clean is dirty; so, do what ya gotta do to produce a dirty poem. (Gosh, I hope this challenge doesn’t get too messy as a result.) Read more at
April PAD Challenge: Day 7.
NOTE: I wrote 2 completely different poems on the 2 prompts provided. Tried a comic voice, didn’t succeed. What the heck!
1. Clean

“My Good Clean Luck”

It is heartening to know I have this near my home
Servicemaster can also arrive asap
If Broom Hilda’s House Cleaning don’t.
Bruce’s Mr. Detail have me on his tail
While I can go out the mile for Angelo Dry
Cleaners got my best evening gala style!
Over my old Nissan Squeaky Clean Car Wash
And Diamond Clean Auto are sure to vie;
Meanwhile I can show you Nice & Clean
Laundromat who’d dig your visit and do rest
Issues with dust mites and unseen grime
With ABC Oriental Rug & Carpet Cleaning
They’re one helluva cleaner, I bet my dime.

2. Dirty

“Grim(y) Fairy Tales”

Reading news is a longtime habit
Remembering names of crooks is not
Names like Abu Zubaydah, José Padilla…
Wait, Padilla also went by another
Name and what was that other one?
Binyam Mohammed? Dhiren Barot’s
Conspiracy to attack, theory alright.
Still, an intelligent speculation on the
Likelihood of what’d been dirty news.
So what if it all seems a grim fairy tale?
The Possibility of Terrorists Using a
Dirty Bomb, headlines said. Not much
About that Cummings guy in Maine
(Shh, the wife took care of him, ahem).
The judge on the dirty cases, should he be
A villain in our tales? For, the charges
Got dropped. Cases flopped. Meanwhile,
Permitted photos from the sunny Gitmo
Made it seem there’s always an orange
Carnival there. Perhaps it’s the Cuban air.
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One comment on “>Day 7: “My Good Clean Luck” and “Grim(y) Fairy Tales”

  1. Rhett
    April 15, 2009

    >i liked d sarcasm in d first one. yes, they sell everything, and of late, yu can buy going green.

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