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>Day 14: "A Ghazal And a Ruba’i"

>Here was the Day 14 prompt, a special one: “Today is Tuesday, which means two prompts. First prompt: Write a love poem. Second prompt: Write an anti-love poem. Simple as that.” Read more at: April PAD Challenge: Day 14


1. Ghazal: “Love Labored, Not Lost”

This my fiery desire, my passion, my frustrations are new
Please understand because this trembling love itself is new

You who smile at my impatience, my eager foot-tapping
How’d you know: for me you and for you, yes, I am new

There was a time, silly, when moonlight seemed out of focus
As soon as I saw your face, after long separations, anew

See, the morning again has dawned abashed with such pleas
Facing the ray of your lips, arms, throbbing blood and sinew!

Remember that first rendezvous in the dark movie theater –
I still have the browned dog-eared tickets as if they are new

The first exchange of words that mostly meant nothing then
They come back to me like precious jewels shining and new

You do hear me speak but don’t hear what my heart sings
Go on, trick me, your stance is something I always knew

So if love is my forte and sweet ignorance is your clever ploy
Tell me “Navi”, what’d you achieve with ballads old or new?

2. “The Wife Sings A Ruba’i”

Wish it were two homes side by side

Us, meeting and loving at will, any woe denied
A sherbet glass, wood apples and Megh Malhar tones
Is it not love’s best flavor picked and tried?

Images from the Internet: Rajasthani miniature & Persian art

5 comments on “>Day 14: "A Ghazal And a Ruba’i"

  1. priti aisola
    April 15, 2009

    >The Ruba’i is cute.

  2. anu
    April 15, 2009

    >Very Nice! now i want to listen to megh malhar -will go youtube hunting.

  3. tikulicious
    April 16, 2009

    >:) this sure is interesting Nabina. I loved the Ruba’i. It is great to experiment with the forms of poetry. keep it up.

  4. fleuve-souterrain
    April 16, 2009

    >Priti, it’s after some intresting thought I had!Anu, Megh Malhar is decidedly a treat…Tiku, yup the ruba’i is also a lot of my thoughts than just poetry. I am glad you like my experimenting…:)

  5. anamika
    May 6, 2009

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