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>Day 21: "TRILOGY"


Here was the Day 21 prompt: “Here are the two prompts for the day (you only need to choose one, unless you’re all about pushing yourself to the limit): 1. Write a haiku. The haiku is not just a form but a genre of poetry. (Click here to read more about the haiku.) People sometimes go into writing a haiku and end up with a senryu or a faux-ku, but it’s all good (and all poetry).
2. Write about the haiku. I know there are some poets (in this very group even) who are anti-form. So, I’m giving them the option to write their anti-haiku manifestos. Of course, if you pay attention to this 2nd prompt, it doesn’t need to be anti-haiku; your poem could be questioning or even praising the haiku. Or something.” Read more at:
April PAD Challenge: Day 21


1. “Bloom” (Spring)

Daffodils will die
Drinking spring’s frost
An annual sacrifice.

Right: Daffodil art

2. “Memories” (Autumn)

Kids’ running shoes
Squeaky clean soles
Autumn of an empty house.

Right: Haiku Hut

3. “Portraits” (Winter)

Lines of zigzag brown
Wintry muddy pools
My parents’ aged faces.

Right: Old couple with umbrella


“Booing a Haiku”

Heave hi coo!
Low life, lo!
Love hate, boo!


Hackneyed hack
Haiku’s Jane & Jack

I’m not one of them!

Images from the Internet: Daffodil art; Haiku Hut; Hakata Urasaki Old Couple Ceramic Doll. 20th c. “Old couple with umbrella”.

2 comments on “>Day 21: "TRILOGY"

  1. Violetwrites
    April 23, 2009

    >went right through that list – zoom zoom zoom and got it all down

  2. fleuve-souterrain
    April 23, 2009

    >Great Violet! nice to see ya here 🙂

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