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>Day 25: "The Meeting"

>Here was the prompt for Day 25: “For today’s prompt I want you to pick an event and make that event the title of your poem.” Read more at: April PAD Challenge: Day 25

“The Meeting”

Because it’s noon
Because it’s hot
With high sun
Because he’s here
Because I stare
We say hello

His hands terracotta
His forehead balsam
His mouth lemony

Sing La Marseillaise
He whispers slow
Sing with me
Painted letters red
His hand holds
This bold placard
Swift and sad

The cafeteria hums
The sun thumps
On still windowsills

We feel together
The rebels inside
Let them speak
Song to song
Hand to hand
Words of meeting
Words of passion
Watch how then
We melt inside
With phrases pure
The magic minutes.

Image from the Internet: Rouget de Lisle, Composer of “La Marseillaise”, sings it for the first time. The Marseillaise is a song written and composed by Claude Joseph Rouget de Lisle in Strasbourg on April 25, 1792.

2 comments on “>Day 25: "The Meeting"

  1. tikulicious
    April 26, 2009

    >ummmm I was taken back to some good old days.. His hands terracottaHis forehead balsamHis mouth lemonykya baat hai very nice song like poem. Enjoyed.

  2. Anuradha
    April 26, 2009

    >Because I stare/ We say hello : nice. Nice beat to this too.

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