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>Day 27: "A Name As A Place Name"

>Here was the Day 27 prompt: “For today’s prompt, I want you to write a poem of longing. You or someone (or something) else should be pining for someone or something. Maybe a cat is longing to get outside the house. Maybe a teenager is longing to get away from his or her small town. And, of course, there’s always the longing poem of love.”

Read more at: April PAD Challenge: Day 27

“A Name As A Place Name”

I have heard it’s like heaven on earth not so craven
Despite moth-eaten muslin faces burnt ovens homes
I have heard there they eat curried potatoes, lamb
In yogurt spices cooked by cottage cheese hands
Saffron rice and minced meat balls in tomato sauce
I am told the wazwan is when you cannot say no
Although alcohol’s a no-no, beef perhaps for the raven
I have read their grief, dyed-wool sorrow like vests
Under flowing coarse pherans over chests of veins
In newsprint, sound bytes and stories like faraway
Tales of noisy sips from cups of nun-chai, salted
By fiery tears of Pandits, Buddhists, Persians, Af-
ghans, handsome locals of many ancient fames from
Peaks to forests colored by the kahwah and hard-
Resined pines while I’ve never been there… ever
Never seen Kashmir, only on the dreamy silver screen.

A click and a tick of the patient mouse beside my keyboard
Message sent: ‘Rehana, will you write to me from there?’

Image from the Internet: Pupil monks at a Kargil monastery. Rehana Batul, my friend from JNU, hailed from Kargil district. I am yet to hear from her.


2 comments on “>Day 27: "A Name As A Place Name"

  1. tikulicious
    April 30, 2009

    >What should I write as a comment Nabina .. why do you always leave me speechless…???Love

  2. fleuve-souterrain
    April 30, 2009

    >LOL Tiku!This friend of mine btw is Addl. Secy now in J&K culture & tourism dept. I am racking all UPSC connections to find her…

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