Do You See?


>Now look at the results of the General election in India. None of the media pundits, psephologists (sound they are constipated) or hobnobbists (my term) managed to predict close to even a fraction of an inch of what the results are. i won’t cite links here. Just google up and/or read BBC even.

Manmohan is the man. Advani has no advantage. Maya is dismayed. The Left is left huffing and puffing especially in Bengal. Darn! Who knew the UPA will have such a victory. Lanslide is an old word. It is Lord of the Rings all the way for Congress.

I’m blogging nothing practically because I’m traveling. Haven’t written any poetry either. Have poetry news though and will post later.

What do the people of India say? Pretension is harmful to your stomach. Because those who suffered losses in these polls gotta stomach a lot.


One comment on “>Election-Shelection

  1. Rhett
    May 16, 2009

    >I am content that BJP didn’t come to power in the centre.

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