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>Arisen of Wood


Arisen of Wood

I walk this road with you Mausam
in hot cold weather the same route bus
covering our heads with the dupatta
yours purple mine night queen pale
and through the sheer spidery weaves
we look at each other Mausam, quick
I stop by Mehrauli’s seam to quench my
thirst after summer’s sudden squall
dust in our eyes; you too stop Mausam
point with your frangipani fingers at
pale lemons the nimbupani man cores
we sip almost together at an even pace
embarrassed at the last glottal sips we
draw, look at each other, my bindi alight
your jhumkas nestling shy by the cheeks
Mausam were you scared my brother
wore a saffron-red bandanna of faith
your cousin guarded the green mosque
while we both shivered under cries
Did you notice Mausam we both held
only prayers in our hands, right when
our homes became fireballs our bodies plain wood

— Nabina Das

Image from the Internet: Changing Times; painting by Arpana Caur

2 comments on “>Arisen of Wood

  1. priti aisola
    May 22, 2009

    >So very good! If ‘sweat and lethargy’ can birth this complex beauty, I am curious what will emerge at other times, supposedly more conducive to ‘poeming’.

  2. Sajan
    May 25, 2009

    >Life’s mysteries remain unsolved !!!Well written..:)

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