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>Mnemosyne Lit Zine Features My Poems, Q&A for Extra Fun


Jen Pezzo-Kerowyn Rose’s *Mnemosyne* Literary Journal is a cool place to meet emerging and well known writers and read their work. Jen and her co-editor Christina Brooks recently featured some of my poems you can find on

The featured days were:
Day 1: Intro / Bio / Poem: “The First Apple Sings a Ruba’i”
Day 2: Poem: “Othello’s Path” / Interview Question: “When did you first have an interest in poetry?”
Day 3: Poem: “Moonlore from the East” / Short Q&A
Day 4: Poem: “A Few Things of Consideration” / Short Q&A
Day 5: Poem: “Finding Foremothers” / Short Q&A
Day 6: Interview Questions for Nabina by Tim Buck

I enjoyed every bit of my exposure and interaction on Mnemosyne, made good friends and read wonderful writers. Check out *Mnemosyne* Literary Journal


2 comments on “>Mnemosyne Lit Zine Features My Poems, Q&A for Extra Fun

  1. Tim Buck
    September 8, 2009

    >Really good poems, with a sophisticated deftness and an ethical pulse. I enjoyed reading them as well as your interviews.

  2. Kerowyn Rose
    September 8, 2009

    >Thanks for the *Mnemosyne* love Nabina! You are truly an inspiration! I love your writing style, writing voice, and creativity. And even if you didn't like your interview answers, they were interesting and enjoyable to me and our readers.It has been an honor to feature you! 🙂

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