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>inside the body of the verse – a Poem


A poem from a set of 5 words — “zany, velvet, debonair, limp, & exculpate”. Activist and poet Dustin Brookshire‘s Project Verse, now reaching its end, is where I first wrote it. Here’s mine, write yours!

inside the body of the verse

Bring, the velvet and the
Mousse of your hands, tell
My verse yes we are
In love with this body
Yours and mine, with our
Zany nights that jerked off
Emotions and plights

Hold, just hold tight on
To the limpness of rhymes
Before we arouse slowly again
This turn of flaccid limbs
Your flourish into the dawn
My frenzy hay-rolled just
As in old-fashioned silver-
Screen tales of our body
Our verse so debonair

Give, give me that strophe
Stroked by your lips and set afire
This song of Moulin Rouge
The body of phones in sweet pangs

Say, just whisper into my ears that
You exculpate this ecstasy spent, so
Free from glare, you and I can curl
Up in pleasure and love the words
Off pages growing on our chests.

Comments/suggestions/critique welcome!

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4 comments on “>inside the body of the verse – a Poem

  1. tanuj solanki
    September 21, 2009

    >Should I talk of a scent as soft as velvetOr should I restrain this zany penthat in metaphors mixes up the senses – limp in the limpidity of your splendourI indict myself for pandering tothe wish of debonair proclamationI too had said 'I love you!'But I exculpate my spirit for lettinggo the rose that was not mine.Allow me to keep the ether for me.

  2. Rhett
    September 27, 2009

    >Great poem. I wish I had such talent. I can see that this is the way I wish to write whenever I first open "wordpad". I don't and it is a compromise. I dunno if I ever will!

  3. Ashley
    October 7, 2009

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