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>POETRY IN OUR TIMES — four Sketch Poems

>My Sketch Poems are still experimental unless someone thinks otherwise. These are NOT visual poems and so read them as complementary pairs.

Poetry in Our Times

1. Utterance from an Urn

Only when we looked around we saw

A subliminal longing, in an unaccustomed mouth

Birth of lettered rhymes.

2. “A Face Like Ours”

Poetry is a face inviting a peek

A thought that carves the Ajanta grace – a smile, a pause

Poetry’s guest. Liberated words.
3. “Doors vs. Darkness”

Silent waters upon those door frames

The choice is of clarity of shards, not darkness

The face splatters like meters. A welcome chant.

4. “Airborne, We Sing”

Our times is a kite for our hands

To say nothing of the birds. Alphabetic. Soaring

The face, this poetry, defy disbelief of metaphors.

Images: sketches in poster color by me, on paper and then scanned


2 comments on “>POETRY IN OUR TIMES — four Sketch Poems

  1. Rhett
    October 12, 2009

    >The drawings are fantabulous! The poems are all sublime — in fact they read like first principles. In the last one birds automatically reads as words – which is a magical touch to say the least. The first one I especially liked. Any one else would have written it without the first line, and to use Anne Shirley's fave expression, only a "kindred spirit" would add: [i]only[/i] when we looked around…

  2. fleuve-souterrain
    October 14, 2009

    >thanks Rhett! 4 commandments, shall we call them? However there's little of commanding there! I like the birds (kite) a lot and the "urn" is my favorite… thanks for reading friend!

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