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>PARISCOPE — a 2-part ‘city’ essay in Troubadour 21

>My 2-part essay PARISCOPE is published in “Troubadour 21”. Click on the post title or on “PARISCOPE” to read.

Here’s a sneak peek:

The Notre Dame looks proudly clean in the summer sun of 2006. The rose window stares at us with a Da Vinci Code wink.
We have just finished learning how to make a baguette inside one of the tents that dot the precincts. This is the Notre Dame fair, unleashing midway on and has kids and adults yelling at each other in French. Of course, this is Paris. A
two-toned pavement, the city elongates and vagabonds with our bohemian tastes.
My partner counts the concrete blocks, I mentally color those that seem plain.
An hour ago, while I rolled the dough, the baguette-master (that’s what I name
him) urged me to fist the plump white elastic form hard, even harder. His
rambunctious “Allez-y” had already allayed my fear that I would remain
forever uneducated in bread-making skills, es
pecially, of this kind.”

and from

I tell her goodbye at the turn of Canon de la Nation. Folks still eat there at 11.30 p.m. Mint tea pours to tingles and trickles. Granny’s golden-white hair and the pup’s coat match, tells the light.

“Say ‘bye’, come on, say it Kiki! Give her your bises!”

The whiskered one doesn’t, instead she whimpers. It is too late for her on the road, so what we remain night walkers. It is another night that has crescented over the road.”

As far as writing is concerned, the essays came up rather fast but they had been cooking inside my head for a very long time. I have written a few “Delhi” and “Upstate” essays under my proposed CITY series. “Paris” was a pretty logical punctuation in that bunch. So far, two parts. More might be added later, we’ll see.

Images from my Paris album: Notre Dame cathedral fair; SIDA rally at Bastille; at Cafe Kleber in Bir Hakeim


2 comments on “>PARISCOPE — a 2-part ‘city’ essay in Troubadour 21

  1. tanuj solanki
    December 1, 2009

    >I have seen the word 'vagabonds' as a verb for the first time… Thanks!I mentally color those that seem plain… haha! Liked this one very much.Granny’s golden-white hair and the pup’s coat match, tells the light. (Bon usage)looking forward to your Paris. Prompt me to say that I'll give you my Paris soon :)Insha Allah (have come to love this phrase these days)

  2. fleuve-souterrain
    December 2, 2009

    >thank you TS! Happy that you notice these linguistic vagaries of mine. Enjoyed the verbing, should I say! And bring on your Paris, waiting 🙂

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