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>Selected as an Associate Fellow, SARAI-CSDS project, City as Studio


I am selected as an Associate Fellow by Sarai-CSDS (Centre for the Study of Developing Societies) for their exciting project “City as Studio”. Here is the list of all the selected Associate Fellows, an interesting mix of artists from various media.
The blurb about me appears like this:

“1. Nabina Das, Delhi
nabinamail at

Nabina Das is a poet, writer, editor based in New Delhi.
Her novel, ‘Footprints in the Bajra’ is forthcoming from Cedar Books (Pustak Mahal), India.

Nabina’s explorations for the Studio entail working on a series of poems that dialogue with the City and its Inhabitants, resulting in a workshop with other artists/participants. Her project is tentatively titled, ‘Jajabor: The Migrant City’. She will work with other artists, writers, studio participants on creating poems, essays, haikus on “City Memorabilia” – songs, videos, advertisements, monuments, street signs, restaurants, slums, bazaars, skylines…”

The project runs from February to August 2010. A workshop in July-August will require me to be present in New Delhi. A final report will be submitted to Sarai-CSDS by November.

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