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Director Onir on "Footprints…"!!

It makes me immensely happy to receive this comment below on my novel “Footprints in the Bajra” from one of the best known young directors of Indian Cinema. Onir Anirban is definitely the most pertinent new face of film making in the Subcontinent today. The I AM series directed by Onir promises to break new grounds in cinematic approaches.

I met Onir first at Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, in 2009, where he showed us the work-in-progress version of his first I AM series — “Omar”. Soft-spoken and passionate about the topics at hand that he is, the film came across as a new take on LGBT issues, at once sympathetic and questioning.
I thought it would be rather unfortunate if I did not send my book to Onir. He’s a busy director, and this is the only way I could send him a gift! So, this is what he said, after reading “Footprints…”:

“Finally managed to read Footprints in the Bajra. Compelling reading, lovely drama and great texture. Enjoyed reading very much. Thank you for giving me your book to read.”

Yes, I am happy!
Here’s a poster — I AM OMAR — from Onir’s new series:


One comment on “Director Onir on "Footprints…"!!

  1. shamik
    September 17, 2010

    >it will be great if foot prints… is taken up for a movie. contemporary yet not compromising. questioning yet not urgent upon the answer…

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