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"Redness" wins a prize

It was nice to know I was awarded the 1st prize for my entry “REDNESS” by the UNISUN-Reliance poetry contest. That poem is special to me.

Here’s the text:


The summer storm bloomed on an eastern sky

the west looked red

roses of anger heaped on a bush stuck in its thorns

smarting faces, hatred.


You were watching Caché in the living room TV

blood squirting from slashed up necks

headless chickens scattered in an ungainly race

backwards, forward, again back.


My finger touched a tomato skin shedding light

of a red ink, darklike –

wasn’t this what my father’s revolutionary friends

brought in, a newspaper wrapped tight


So not everyone would know how words tumble

red and angry on our roads?

I thought I saw a word flutter open again, a hue,

not a name or mundane things like odes.


You thought we’d lost our tongues, our attitude

piled under the redness of shame

peripheral to storms, deaths, news of constant ruse

and I realized, a color doesn’t need a name.

(By the way, someone asked with chagrin why I enter contests and I said, “To pay my bills”. That is partly true. I want to break even one day and take a cruise somewhere. Is that bad? At least I don’t want my poetry to be just read in tiny groups that’ll only say “awww”. I want poetry to sit in the bazaar and yell and gesture at passers-by… Ah, okay.)

Image from Internet: pop art

2 comments on “"Redness" wins a prize

  1. Paromita
    October 13, 2010

    >Beautiful, evocative poetry. Looking forward to reading Footprints soon.

  2. Rhett
    October 26, 2010

    >I will write like this after many a forever – I will – "I thought I saw a word flutter open again, a hue,not a name or mundane things like odes" wow! The correspondences across stanzas are well built – hue – red – tomato – etc. I feel exactly like a kindergarten student –

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