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Reviews by me — Sudeep Sen and Abha Iyengar’s collections

Two poetry collection reviews of mine are up on Mascara Literary Review and Pirene’s Fountain, both very sophisticated literary journals.

Sudeep Sen’s collection of translation poetry “Aria” is an astute piece of work. The range covers from Hindi, Bengali and Urdu poetry to Hebrew, Greek and Persian. It’s been a long time that I enjoyed poetry in translation, delicate work that made me want to read the original and marvel at the music of the created work. Read the review HERE.
Also, I reviewed Abha Iyengar’s first poetry collection “Yearnings”. Abha writes with the ease of a shaman or a clever lover, adept at splitting open emotions of her subjects and planting her own desires within the lines. Read this review HERE.

One comment on “Reviews by me — Sudeep Sen and Abha Iyengar’s collections

  1. Rhett
    December 7, 2010

    >Nice review of Abha Iyengar. I did read some of her poems – she's very good indeed. She's more from the heart and also accommodates word-play in those sorts of poems – which is quite amazing in a startling sort of way. That intermittent rhyme and word-play I like very much indeed!

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