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Hyderabad Lit Fest 12: Not-so-old memories!

I’ve been sloppy in posting about various things. Things like books, readings and friends that come to you like the Northern Lights and leave you illuminated. The three-day-long 2012 Hyderabad Literary Festival in January, at the romantic Taramati Biradari heritage forts, was one such event to remember. It was grand, exciting, enriching and full of much love and bonhomie. I was invited as a featured poet.

I made new friends. Read poetry with Hoshang Merchant, Robert Bohm and Prof. Mohan Ramanan. Listened to lot of wonderful reading. Met Kazim Ali, Meena Alexander, Anindita Sengupta, MK Ajay, Arjun Choudhuri, Hemant Divate, Hemang Desai and many others. The cherry on the pie was … wait, cherries … were Gulzar who inaugurated the festival and Adil Jussawalla who was the highlight of the festival, having made a comeback after 35 years with his new book “Trying to Say Goodbye”.

And how could I not mention my good friends and poets from Hyderabad, Priti Aisola and Sridala Swami, who too were there.

And Suman became a special friend! I’ll tell you more about her in another post.

So much to write but this post won’t be able to contain all that.

You can gauge the love and light that I felt in these photographs. A few are posted below as well:


One comment on “Hyderabad Lit Fest 12: Not-so-old memories!

  1. Vitamin D
    April 16, 2012

    This article has inspired me to continue focusing on my own blog

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