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Poems, Poems, Poems: Old and New

It just occurred to me that recently (last six months or so) I’ve had a few poems published in Muse India and Pratilipi. Both are solid places. Muse India was the main organiser of the Hyderabad Literary Festival earlier this year. Pratilipi has been a tremendous presence in bilingual literary pursuits in Indian writing, both English and Hindi.

Old poems first. Here are the Pratilipi poems — so beautifully designed and collated by the editors under the heading NARRATIVE LIMITS (title of a future poetry manuscript I should some day publish). Enjoy!

Although, let me, out of sheer greed, quote just one of the poems, a ruba’i:

The Death Row Inmate Sings a Ruba’i

A night that held my hand and promised a day
to you, to field flowers and the sunshine of May,
is witness to my vice or folly
uncommitted. So, take this last letter and put it away.

Now, here are the MUSE INDIA poems. Hope you like them too. I read these poems at the Hyderabad Literary Festival 2012 with Hoshang Meerchant, Robert Bohm and Mohan Ramanan. Kindly let my picture on that site not shock you. I was sleepless and anxious about upcoming travel. Well, just to divert your attention, I’ll quote a verse again. Bear with me:

“She knew too, love was almost gleaming at last
When she lay covered only by her bracelets.” (Her Love)


One comment on “Poems, Poems, Poems: Old and New

  1. Exaltación Brito Reynoso
    April 20, 2012

    I am so much excited after reading your blog. Your blog is very much innovative and much helpful.

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