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“The Right Kind of Dog”: On Jussawalla’s Forthcoming Collection

So, write-up number 2 comes out on Prairie Schooner website. Based on my paper presented at the Pondicherry University conference on “Literature for the Youth”, I talk about poet Adil Jussawalla’s forthcoming young readers’ collection The Right Kind of Dog.

Lovely title, right? The post is in two instalments.

Read Part I here.

An excerpt:

While talking to Mr. Jussawalla on the phone on the wide bracket of “eight to eighteen,” he suggested that it’s not so much about putting age groups as a marker, rather about seeing the “ages” converge in an understanding of eras, histories and events. The child at the center of Jussawalla’s collection is not outright a “damaged personality”—a term that tended to come up in the conversation—but more of a “hurt eye” that is sensitive to the core and discerning in her/his perception of the larger world. The Partition of the Indian subcontinent, geographical dislocation, physical dismembering, political chaos and volatile family relationships – all this makes up the bulk of Mr. Jussawalla’s gripping young readers’ collection.

Look out for part II soon!

Recap on the PS write-up/s:

Post 1


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