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Part II on “The Right Kind of Dog”: Jussawalla’s New Work

Here’s Part II of my commentary on eminent poet ADIL JUSSAWALLA‘s forthcoming young readers’ collection The Right Kind of Dog, published on the Prairie Schooner website.

An extract for your sampling:

In my conversation with Mr. Jussawalla we discussed the significance of the word “dog” in the collection’s title. The young personas in this collection are the “fringe people” quoted in the epigraph:

“The title of the book refers to the autobiography Unreasonable Behaviour by Don McCullin who writes that as a boy he felt ‘cast out, unchosen, rather as though I were the wrong breed of dog’…Later, he became a professional photographer. We look at his photographs now, of soldiers, of landscapes, of the people of India, and think he was the right kind of dog.”

From reading his earlier poems we know that in the face of a market economy-driven bourgeoisie culture, a dog-eat-dog one, Mr. Jussawalla’s poetry offers a kind of resistance straight from the streets. One might also interpret the usage of “dog” as so-called ghetto language in today’s context, one that confronts the main street and the mainstream. So, in a way, McCullin’s cast out, un-chosen, wrong breed of dog is restored back in Mr. Jussawalla’s poems as the right kind. The words “cast out” reflect lines in several poems where a boy is in casts or with shoes that somehow help him walk; the allusions to physical discomfort results in exploring frontiers of imaginations …


FYI, here’s Part I of post 2.


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