Do You See?

Rain. Linnets. Photo-memories.

Something about the rain in Scotland can make one a little low, in a beautiful way. My nomad heart stops for a split second, just a split second, mind you … and again the grains of sand keep falling to eternity.

I was at poet and creative writing professor Kathleen Jamie’s book launch and reading this evening at University of Stirling which is fast becoming a part of my senses. Strangely though, while she read about gannets, I kept thinking of linnets:

“And evening full of the linnet’s wings.”

And a video of Yeats reading it!

How does one explain why linnets dot the mind while the author describes lunging, shrieking gannets? You can say it only to the one who’ll listen. Most others would balk.

Any how, I’ll write in details¬†about this reading later, once I’ve gone through Kathleen’s book SIGHTLINES a little bit.

The rain made me look at photographs of friends, of fun times. Memories of last summer’s fellowship with the NYS Summer Writers Institute at Skidmore College, Saratoga Springs, put a smile on my lips. Although, funnily, I’m not in touch with anyone practically from that residency, barring Sara the poet, and a couple of the faculty. Meeting Jamaica Kincaid, Howard Norman, Bharati Mukherji and Michael Ondaatje was the highlight for me.

Right after that residency, I had flown back to India. Heat and dust. Sleep and rest. Only the photos remained; see them HERE!


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