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London-Brighton Beach-Random

Just a short, quick post. I’m in London.

There’s a lot to write about this extended weekend-bank holiday trip. The train ride, the city and Brighton Beach tours, the food, the drinks, the sights, the sounds. But I got thinking: someone must have written about these experiences before me. I’m, after all, not on top of mount Cotopaxi. So, what’s new?

I’m in St. John’s Wood neighbourhood, near the famous Abbey Road Studios. It’s past midnight and I can hear people talking outside in the street. We just got back after a day trip to Brighton. It didn’t rain and everyone’s saying I lived up to my reputation of being a “black magic woman”. I’ll write about that epithet of mine some other time.

It’s really exciting, no doubt, being in London. But how funny that I miss Stirling a bit! Folks here had a good laugh hearing that. What do I miss? Well, the swans, the bunnies, the ducks, the loch, the castle, the Wallace memorial, my “jailhouse” pad, the exam-weary students, the canteen lunches and coffee sessions. Maybe more. Maybe not. The pin doesn’t always point; at times it moves in a sudden tizzy. Difficult to say what all else I miss, who all else.

I haven’t downloaded my photographs taken here, so just posting this below from the Internet. It’s the “Tudor Map of London, from the Guildhall Library“:


I thought the post read a bit morose. Whereas, I’m actually enjoying myself.  So, I decided to add this video in the “P.S.”. Leonard Cohen “Live in London 2009: Tower of Song”. Here you go:



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This entry was posted on May 6, 2012 by in Brighton Beach, London, Nabina Das, Stirling.
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