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“Of the Self and Other Spectacles”: Mini Review; Theatre Evening; Etc.

My mini review of the poetry collection “Spectacle & Pigsty” by Kiwao Nomura, translated by Kyoko Yoshida and Forrest Gander; Omnidawn Publishing, 2010, is up on the well known literary Journal DRUNKEN BOAT (15). Ravi Shankar is the editor. The book reviews editor is Shira Dentz.

Nomura is unique and intriguing in this translation. Personally, I like Forrest Gander’s poetry a lot too.

Read it HERE.


Been to watch “One Man, Two Guvnors” tonight at Theatre Royal Haymarket. Well-timed slapsticks and gags. Nice musical interludes too. The seats were rather crammed. Someone’s knees in the row behind were always against my right shoulder, and with every spurt of his laughter, I had to consciously lean forward. Okay, small matters.

In the afternoon, while I was on Bond Street, the sky was sparkling blue and sunny in between. Londoner friends said they had rarely seen such splendour, But it rained jolly hard in the morning while I went to Regent’s Park, and later when we got out of the theatre  to rush towards the car parked a few streets away. In all, still good.


I’ve been writing after midnight these last two days. The days go by in a whiff. A little bit like the magnolia that blooms and suddenly falls. Suddenly, there’s the pink effusion and then a heap of paleness. As if the mind decides the hour when one can brood — when everyone sleeps, when no one asks anything. When one is free to imagine and not expect, because the waking hours of anticipation had already gone by.


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