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“the habit of stealing glances”: Bollywood night!

I’m r-e-a-l-l-y going to disappoint some of my poetry bloggers tonight. Or maybe not! Why, you ask? Well, I’m posting a BOLLYWOOD video tonight. Just for the heck of it.

I can hear some of you wail. But hey, I have weaknesses, and Bollywood, however asinine it might be at times, is one of my weaknesses. Take me or leave me. Also, it’s Friday. Okay, but I do hear you ask: why on earth such a video post tonight?

No major reason. Just that this evening while I was having a quick drink with a couple of nice souls, one of them remarked: “Gosh, you are one hard-to-please woman!” Jokingly said, of course. The context was something else, but it spun something else in my head. Am I really? Perhaps. Perhaps not. To put things simply, I think very small gestures and ordinary acts please me. And silliness is one of them! Because, this video is ALL about silliness! See for yourselves:

What do you think? Although silly, not quite doable all the time, right? (Now you may say I’m hard to please!)

One reason why I like this song sequence is, it’s all shot in Delhi, a city with which I have  a strong love-hate relationship. The raucous Punjabi wedding scene with the red-uniformed band, the gregarious dancing men and women, the mall ambiance, the kitschy street scenes, the male-dominated “dhabas” for late night snack/food and occasional drinks, the lovely Ridge Road with its greenery, the old taxis on Chirag Dilli flyover, and the general inane insanity and overbearing silliness of the hero and the heroine — quite endearing, if you stick up to all of it with some effort. I did say that, effort.

You don’t need to understand the lyrics at all. Just know this: the two here are in denial that they are actually in love; yet they absolutely like spending time with each other in rather silly pursuits. And of course at the end they figure out, it’s love. Duh.

Anyway, a very bad translation of the lyrics from a random website here:

chori bazari do naino ki, pehle thi aadat jo hat gayi
(the habit of stealing glances, of both of us is gone now…)
pyaar ki jo teri meri, umar aayi thi woh kat gayi
(the age of love which dawned on us, is over for good now…)
duniya ki toh fikar kaha thi, teri bhi ab chinta ghat gayi
(I never cared ’bout this world, now it’s the same for you too…)

tu bhi tu hai, main bhi main hoon
(you are the same you, I am the same myself…)
duniya saari dekh ulat gayi
(but seems like the whole world’s upside down…)
tu na jaane main na jaanu
(neither you know, nor do I…)
kaise saari baat palat gayi
(how all this turned over…)

ghatni hi thi yeh bhi ghatna,
(seems like all this had to happen…)
ghatte ghatte lo yeh ghat gayi
(and with time, it finally has…)

haan… chor bazari do naino ki, pehle thi aadat jo hat gayi

tareef teri karna haan…
(praising you all the time…)
tujhe khone se darna haan…
(fearing losing you…)
haan.. bhool gaya ab, tujhpe din mein char dafaa marna
(I have given up falling for you all throughout the day…)

pyaar bimari, utree saari
(the fever of love, is down and out totally…)
waadon ki badli bhi chhat gayi
(and the clouds of promises have cleared…)
hum se main pe aayi aise
(from ‘we’ back to ‘I’ was a so quick…)
mujhko toh main hi main ratt gayi
(I can’t think beyond myself now…)
ek huey they do se dono,
(we became one from two…)
dono ki ab rahein bant gayi
(and the two of us have separate paths now…)

ab koi fikar nahi
(there are no worries now…)
gham ka bhi zikar nahi
(no ounce of gloom exists too…)
hota hoon main jis raste pe, aaye khushi wahin….
(whichever way I take now, happiness follows…)
azaad hoon main tujhse
(I am free from you now…)
azad hai tu mujhse
(you too are free from me now…)
jo bhi chahe jaise chahe, kar le aaj yahin
(whatever way you wish, do it right here right now)

laaj sharam ki, choti moti
(of those little apprehensions in love…)
jo thi dori woh bhi kat gayi
(…the strings attached are cut for good now…)

chowk choubare gali mohalle
(all lanes, all crossroads, everywhere…)
khol ke main saare ghoonghat gayee
(…I went to, without any fear of anyone…)
tu na badli main na badla
(neither you changed, nor did I…)
delhi saari dekh badal gayi
(but the whole of Delhi just did…)

ek ghoont mein duniya dari
(in a gulp of these worldly ways…)
ki main saari samajh nigal gayi
(I got it all, how it works… )
rang biranga paani peeke
(by drinking ‘colored’ water…)
seedhi saadi kudi bigaad gayi
(a simple straight girl lost herself…)
dekh ke mujhko hasta gaata
(by looking at me all laughing, singing…)
sad gayi yeh duniya sad gayi
(thie world fumed with jealousy…)

***A friend of mine is actually doing her research on Bollywood song lyrics. That assures me of some respectability for this post.


Don’t try all those silly acts at home or outside … *wink*. And believe me, I definitely don’t dance like that …



9 comments on ““the habit of stealing glances”: Bollywood night!

  1. Mihir Vatsa
    May 18, 2012

    seedhi saadi kudi bigaad gayi
    (a simple straight girl lost herself…)

    that English ‘straight’ carries some serious connotations, unlike Hindi ‘seedhi’ 😐

  2. Do You See
    May 18, 2012

    Haha, I know, Vatsa! But I kept it the way they’ve done it. “Straight” girl and “straightforward” are two different things. I guess it should just be “simple and uncomplicated girl” … What do you think? Do you dig this song as well? I kinda like seeing Delhi in the frames.

    • Mihir Vatsa
      May 18, 2012

      It’s a nice song, but I like Twist better. Younger generation, you see.

  3. Do You See
    May 18, 2012

    OMG don’t rub it in MV! Being older doesn’t mean I can’t like those new-fangled rap mixes and Punj hiphop. I like the Twist number ( for certain occasions. But it doesn’t give me Delhi you see 🙂

    Of late, I’ve developed an interest in those numbers that show Delhi. Apropos filming of Bombay, now Delhi is quite a fav with our lensfolks.

    • Mihir Vatsa
      May 18, 2012

      Yep! With Dilli is Dilli. However chaotic and rude. 😐

      • Mihir Vatsa
        May 18, 2012

        *no WITH*

        Ask me about typos. 😦

  4. Do You See
    May 18, 2012

    That’s right, Dilli is a cool billi (cat)!

    Typos? Go to sleep, kid.

  5. Do You See
    May 18, 2012

    Yes, I do sometimes, MV!

    Terrible translation. Ugh. Whatever.

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