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“The Tao does not console me”; Q&A on PS; IPL, Howzzat?

Re-post of a stanza/section:


I will never give up longing. 
I will let my hair stay long. 
The rain proclaims these trees,
the trees tell of the sun.
Let birds, let birds.
Let leaf be passion.
Let jaw, let teeth, let tongue be
between us. Let joy.

– from “Let Birds” by Linda Gregg


This is what one repeats when“The Tao does not console me”.


Prof. David Richards of University of Stirling spoke to me recently about whether postcolonial studies should be declared as done and out as a discipline, and about his co-spearheading the Charles Wallace fellowship at this university. Published on Prairie Schooner lit journal’s website.

Read the Q&A HERE.

(To retain my bragging rights, I emerged out of the largest pool of applicants this year, to come to Stirling on this creative writing fellowship. Then, let what joy, let what birds …?)


Since I always like a visual with my posts, I’ll have this today:


AIRTHREY CASTLE door face, on the campus. ‘Let leaf, let leaf …’



Okay! I was told NO one’s going to read non-IPL blogs tonight. KKR has won, leaving the Chennai stars in the lurch. I haven’t watched cricket for ages, so I don’t know what to make of it. I do know I like Dhoni quite a bit. Nice looks, good player, gentleman. Ahem. But everyone I know is drooling over SRK’s team KKR. Cricinfo educates me tonight. They have photos too!



One comment on ““The Tao does not console me”; Q&A on PS; IPL, Howzzat?

  1. Do You See
    May 27, 2012

    So, now that I’ve added: “In other news”, my post should be titled ““THE TAO DOES NOT CONSOLE ME”; Q&A ON PS WEBSITE; IPL, Howzzat”…

    A friend wrote: “Nabina, don’t worry. Cricket will be your drug once you’re back.” You mean, more potent than poetry?

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