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Midnight: “in its several guises”

Past midnight. It will be past midnight like this, for many more years to come, in places known and unknown. And yet we will …



Tense and tenuous
grow from the same root
as does tender
in its several guises:
the sour grass flower;
the yellow moth.


(A question came in about my midnight dalliance. Good folks, I read or write, mostly, around that time. Occasionally, give in to other higher pursuits. Actually, owing to my earlier newsroom habits — and you know how newspapers and channels work — I’m quite comfortable working late. Journos, once cursed, are rarely able to get back to a normal life… )



I got tired of the cricket chatter for the last two days from various  fronts and found myself watching the trailer of Bend it Like Beckham. The movie could be downloaded, but no patience right now.



Apparently Banksy art has appeared on a shop store wall on the eve of Jubilee, reported the BBC:

“Graffiti artist Banksy is believed to be behind a new painting which shows a boy hunched over a sewing machine stitching union flag bunting.

The picture appeared on the wall of a Poundland store on Whymark Avenue in Wood Green, north London.

A professor specialising in Banksy believes it is the Bristol-born artist’s work.”


One comment on “Midnight: “in its several guises”

  1. rohith
    June 1, 2012

    BANSKY! My brother was planning to make a documentry of Bansky. He is one of my favorites. Good to see him around…

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