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“I am a giant orange ball…”! Yellow Nib Anthology; O Tummy

YIKES! I’m running late in finishing up an article. Thought I’d finish by the 27th but I need a day extra at least!

Just that something felt queasy about my tummy this morning. I’m not going to write details about such dreary things. Just that I need to lie down and rest intermittently. Water, raw salad, cold cuts — could be anything that caused it. I keep warning people about avoiding a “Delhi belly”, and now me…?  O tummy.



A poem was recommended by someone. I DO NOT like it’s ending. Pallid, meek. But it starts well, sort of in a striking manner, and offers interesting images, at once dark and obscure as it proceeds. But of course, it’s an eminently readable poem:

Poem to an Unnameable Man


You have changed me already. I am a fireball
That is hurtling towards the sky to where you are
You can choose not to look up but I am a giant orange ball
That is throwing sparks upon your face
Oh look at them shake
Upon you like a great planet that has been murdered by change
O too this is so dramatic this shaking
Of my great planet that is bigger than you thought it would be
So you ran and hid
Under a large tree. She was graceful, I think
That tree although soon she will wither
Into ten black snakes upon your throat
And when she does I will be wandering as I always am
A graceful lady that is part museum
Of the voices of the universe everyone else forgets
I will hold your voice in a little box
And when you come upon me I won’t look back at you
You will feel a hand upon your heart while I place your voice back
Into the heart from where it came from
And I will not cry also
Although you will expect me to
I was wiser too than you had expected
For I knew all along you were mine

I particularly find this line: “O too this is so dramatic this shaking” a little surprising. I think, cool, too.


June 27 saw the launch of THE YELLOW NIBModern English Poetry by Indians. Editors: Sudeep Sen and Ciarán Carson; at Queen’s University, The Seamus Heaney Centre for Poetry, Belfast. My poems are in this collection.

Here’s the cover (which I had posted once earlier)

Some of the poets in this anthology are Kazim Ali, Sumana Roy, Anjum Hasan, Michelle Cahill, Meena Alexander, Anindita Sengupta (a former Kent CW fellow), Mani Rao, Janice Pariat, Anupama Raju, Tenzin Tsundue, Ravi Shankar and more.


Because I’m feeling queasy, I can be mean and unfriendly. Social media often makes me wonder why people lurk so much. I do too. But on top of it, people readily “tag” me or post me their super-genius tomes to read, as though I’m sitting JOBLESS AND FREE with my friggin reading crystal ball. And very few even value any feedback. Why? While I lurk, I don’t tag or post ANYONE my Nobel Prize worth writing. And if I group email, that is once in 3 months. You must have noticed that, right? Amen.

I need fresh yogurt. O tummy.


5 comments on ““I am a giant orange ball…”! Yellow Nib Anthology; O Tummy

  1. Do You See
    June 28, 2012

    Um, actually one extra day has passed. I need another 😦

    I need to feel better too.

  2. Mihir Vatsa
    June 28, 2012

    ‘But on top of it, people readily “tag” me or post me their super-genius tomes to read, as though I’m sitting JOBLESS AND FREE with my friggin reading crystal ball.’- LOL! Similar reaction, when I get tagged to one of such genius tomes. Some tags I wait for, but some are just so pathetic that I can’t think of commenting anything that would make me sound less like a tyrant. I prefer the ‘ignore’ trick.

    I didn’t like the poem either. It got very cliched in the end. Fireball-orangeball don’t work either. Plus, too much ‘planet’ evokes a sense of some alien attack which I am pretty sure isn’t the theme of the poem.

    Chillax. See, I had my Jamia interview today. There were intelligent questions too. I think I did well. But I hope they had asked the same kind of questions in their preliminary entrance test rather than giving a lame ‘Joy of Reading’ topic to write an essay on.

  3. Do You See
    June 28, 2012

    The “ignore” trick is often employed. But I still wonder who these folks are — they think I’m always available to read. I mean, always!
    Ha, your take on the poem is hilarious MV.
    So you’ll be doing your Masters in Jamia? Not JNU? Keep me posted…
    And .. Forza Italia!!!

    • Mihir Vatsa
      June 28, 2012

      JNU me pehle ho toh! Jamia was the first to declare the result, so I am keeping it as a back-up. Though I am not even sure if I have cleared the interview. Will keep you updated. Sure. 1st- DU Entrance, 4th- Ambedkar C.Writing entrance, 5th- Ambedkar English Entrance.

      That should do for now, I guess. Haha. 🙂

  4. Do You See
    June 29, 2012

    Writing entrance as in, Creative Writing? I almost forgot Masters courses in India have entrance exams and interviews. Don’t remember if I had an interview at all for JNU. Old age!
    All the best Vatsa.

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