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The closest word I know is “paradise”: Khair; No to Workshop

Short post, short post, short post.

That should be it, no? Well, no.

It’s past midnight here and I’m reading this below.

Almost Sonnet

At one instant it seemed to be within my grasp:
Your love was a jewel I could reach out and feel.
It made me come alive as nothing had before;
I felt no need to keep it in a selfish clasp.
I knew it was something no one could ever steal,
It had no need for locks; it was a magic door.


I sit here now and think of what I would have found
If I had walked the way my heart still bids me go
(The closest word I know is “paradise”),
But here my body’s tied to a stake in the ground
Of many yesterdays and not one tomorrow,
And though it may implore and struggle, still it lies


In all the mud of language that turns doors to walls
And makes the best of truths, despite us, false. 

— Tabish Khair

Tabish is not only an awesome writer, but an awesome person as well. Where does one stop saying good things about him! I mean, it takes one look at him to decide that. But seriously, when I met him this January in JNU, he came across as one of the most unassuming souls. A great support for us newer writers.



Short post, hence this short disappointment:

I have to say sorry to a workshop I wanted to go to really really badly when I applied. Am selected for “Curating Indian Visual Culture: Theory and Practice (with thematic focus on Artistic Production and Questions of Region and Identity: Curatorial Propositions)“, 17-22 Sept, Shilpgram, North East Zone Cultural Centre, Guwahati, Assam. The crazy busy life I have now is the factor. My home town will miss me. But very dear others will have me at home. That’s a lot of smile and happiness.

End of short post 🙂


3 comments on “The closest word I know is “paradise”: Khair; No to Workshop

  1. Mihir Vatsa
    August 12, 2012

    I’d like to meet Mr. Khair someday. Looks like a charming person. 🙂

    I never understood what curating exactly stands for, so, I am going to ask you to write me a long mail when you return from Guwahati telling me everything. Accounts of who drank Sprite and who ate Samosa should be included too.

    Jokes apart, good luck for your Guwahati trip. I’m home, in Hazaribagh. Delhi had become annoying. 😐

  2. Do You See
    August 13, 2012

    Vatsa, I am NOT going to Guwahati for the curating workshop although I wanted to, very badly, and had applied with lots of hope. Since they focus mostly on visual artists, I, as a writer, was slightly doubtful candidate, according to my own assessment. Then, of course, they called me! Hopefully they can defer this participation, take me in the next time. Art curation is something even I have little idea about. Artists I’ve spoken to are also not too taken by the term. I was going there to buffer up some nonfiction writing about curation. Besides, poetry. Visual arts and poetry are not too far from each other in their aesthetics.

    About Tabish! What a nice man. And a delightful writer. Just so kind and witty. I wish he returns to teach in JNU again so we could all meet him.

    Delhi is kinda annoying most of the time and guess what, I might even shift to Del this year end 😦

    Have a great time in Hazaribagh. I used to hear a childhood joke about that name. “hazari baagh”, as in, thousand tigers! I swear I was scared never to visit that place for surely, they’d be all man eaters! Talk soon, young man. Have a good vacation.

  3. shrutanne
    August 6, 2013

    Tabish is a gem of a person… and a poet/ writer too… recently had a tiff with Ashley Tellis cos he was insulting Tabish (and you too, Nabina), and a couple of other poets as well.

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