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Q&A up on Prairie Schooner; Sleep and Work; Tintin Tackling a Dhoti!

I’ll do this really really really really quickly. Because I’m sleepy and overworked. Overworked and little slept.

In between, I’ve been polishing my short fiction manuscript, writing the next article for Prairie Schooner lit mag, penning a report regarding my Charles Wallace Fellowship with University of Stirling, and answering  a Q&A sent to me by a very young Bangladeshi writer who runs his dynamic webzine called “Copyleft”.


So, the PS article (“Death is never too far”) is out — a Q&A with Danish Manzoor, 25 yr old (I know, they still come young these days!) City Editor of Dainik Jagaran-City Plus community newspaper. His Kashmiri background and Hyderabadi education and work, coupled with a love for poetry made it enjoyable for me to interview him. Read it HERE. And an excerpt for the super-lazy:
“Whenever I’d hear stories about Agha Shahid Ali (I called him Bhaiyaaji) from Vidhur Wazir or Agha Ashraf (Agha Shahid’s father), I somehow always related to him as a child. How he’d keep sending his poems to different publications, so many that their mailboxes flooded with his poems and the editor of one such publication wrote back to Bhaiyaaji requesting him to stop sending anymore poems! That never stopped him. Yes, he did and still does influence my “poetic sojourn,” but largely, with his spirit, my life.”


Asian Cha mentioned my recent publication of a creative non-fiction piece ASKING ANANDI in The Four Quarters Magazine, August issue. Feels good.


Someone posted this Tintin photo on FB. I saw it fit to be stolen. “Tintin in Kolkata”! Rather sweet wearing all that dhoti-kurta, Bengali style! Not that I’m a fan of the attire or even Bengali men so to say.


And here am I,stealing some quiet time on my balcony facing the morning sun:


2 comments on “Q&A up on Prairie Schooner; Sleep and Work; Tintin Tackling a Dhoti!

  1. Mihir Vatsa
    September 13, 2012

    That’s one inspiring interview you gave us, ND. It’s great to see people like Danish taking charge of events even in danger. Salute to him.

    Read ‘Asking Anandi’ yesterday. Was meaning to send you a message but forgot. Good story. Loved the way she replied- because you didn’t come with a notebook and pen. V. effective punch there!

  2. Do You See
    September 14, 2012

    It’s usual to find 25 yr olds busy in partying and running after money. Not that anything is wrong with that. Other than those pursuits, Danish Manzoor came across to me as a sensitive person with a literary bent of mind. The rich and famous are interviewed always around the world. I thought of giving platform to a regular guy who’s been through a lot and yet keeps smiling. Thanks for endorsing the q&a, Vatsa!

    And of course I’m happy you liked Asking Anandi. Sometimes notebooks aren’t a help in storytelling. Myself a notebook-bearing journalist once, I’ve come to see and understand that 🙂

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