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Sandburg’s September: “white hydrangeas turn rust”; Short Fic Book in Pipeline; What Way I Go?!

So, my avid blogger friends tell me I should get a domain. Sounds impressive — domain. There is a Lord of the Rings-ish ring to it!

As it is I am slow on this blog; with a domain I might just go to sleep, thinking all is hunky dory in this world. That makes me think if all is topsy turvy in this world at all. Well, for one, I might have to leave Hyderabad. This is even before I struck a conversation with the city. But I liked Hyderabad as a city. It gave me things to want and enjoy minus the pressure of obligations.

Where am I going? Won’t be confirming now. However, I’ll be with my mother and my brother in Kolkata to spend the Puja holidays. No, I’m not your obeisance-laden religiously righteous woman. Just a cultural lover of Puja and similar festivals. Okay, a glutton, to put it straight. That’s the only reason why I endorse Christmas, Puja, Eid, weddings, etc. But the vacation will be a nice respite. And I get to share some good news with my mother and brother.


Ah, the good news.

My short story collection is with a publisher. To appear within the next few months, possibly to be displayed at the Jaipur Literary Festival 2013 and Frankfurt Book Fair 2013. The book, tentatively titled “The House of Twining Roses: Stories of the Unmapped“, is being published by LiFi Publications, an imprint of DK Agencies. And some of my writer friends’ mss are also picked up by them.

How ’bout a January soiree in Jaipur then? Rubbing shoulders with the nawobs of literature!

LiFi has released a catalog that would be sent to the aforementioned book fests. I got a terrible mug in there. The only thing I like is my neck-piece! Take a look:


September is over! But I was still reading September poems from friends who live in Texas, Bangalore and Vancouver. Different versions of September regaled, needless to say. I remained stuck however to this:

“Hydrangeas” by Carl Sandburg

Dragoons, I tell you the white hydrangeas turn rust and go soon.
Already mid September a line of brown runs over them.
One sunset after another tracks the faces, the petals.
Waiting, they look over the fence for what way they go.


Can you tell me, what way they go? What way I go!


2 comments on “Sandburg’s September: “white hydrangeas turn rust”; Short Fic Book in Pipeline; What Way I Go?!

  1. Do You See
    October 8, 2012

    Sheesh, I forgot to thank the University of Stirling’s English Studies folks for the book publication. They had hosted me for the Charles Wallace fellowship from April to June. It’s there that I polished up a few of the stories in the collection. And especially, thank you David, thank you Richard!

  2. Shruti Sareen
    October 15, 2012

    Splendid News, Nabina! Congrats! 🙂 where/ when would the book be released? and I would love to come for the JLF if you are going to be an added incentive!
    you make it seem that the move from hyd is a bigger one and not merely for a short Kolkata visit?

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