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Whiskey, Feminist Writers, Undying Love for Scotland; Passion Warms … Still; Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s surprising that in my recent blog post/s I never mentioned my last two Prairie Schooner articles. One is a mood piece and the other is an interview.

The mood piece is a recollection of my Charles Wallace memories at University of Stirling, buffered by impressions from former fellows Shreekumar, Srilata and Janhavi. We love Scotland no doubt! Maybe it is beyond love. Something that has no lexical identity. Read Haggis, Whiskey and Prose. Excerpt? Here you have one:

“Dr. Katie Halsey, who had come to fetch me from Edinburgh airport, made sure I was not jolted from the difference in the temperatures. I assured her that April was not the cruelest month for me in Scotland. Later on, even Dr. Angus Vine in the department cautiously asked one day if I had any “winter coat.” I did, I assured him. The truth is, I wasn’t asked to bring it along! Reader, do not be alarmed. I had a leather jacket and another warm one with me. Living in Upstate NY for long years had educated me enough about layering one’s clothes.”

So, yes! Do layer up before you arrive in Stirling.

The interview is the latest one on PS. Poet and feminist writer Anindita Sengupta talks to me in “A Book is Not Like a Baby”.

I know you’ll want an excerpt. Here you go:

“Motherhood is an act of asserting self(ishness). What could be more about the ego than wanting to influence another human being in such a deep, dramatic way? Because we have so much power over them, we need to be careful.”


My laptop has nearly died. It has traveled all over the world to come rest in peace in India. Irony. Nearly dead means, I can still hook it up to another computer and see its contents. The screen is dead black. Don’t ask me what is wrong. I appreciate technology only when it aids me, not turn troublesome.

Even then, I wrote three new poems last night to respond to a solicitation by a very dear editor/teacher. Grouped them under the title “Recollecting the North in the East”. This is because I’m recovering my poetry folders from my semi-dead laptop. But writing about Shillong and Guwahati as a spontaneous exercise was fun. Hiwever, my first critic told me that for three different themes, the poems have a uniform tone. Do judge later, when they come out in a litmag soon.

P.S. Somewhere I was reading an article – “Is poetry all about metaphors?” and I guess my mind stripped off all usual poetic devices as a weird response! Hence, these three poems came out prose-like. Then, i hope my editor likes them.


So why didn’t I mention my latest writings? Not because of laptop alone. I’m traveling, again. Perpetually it seems I keep moving. These days I live in one place for not more than 2 months. I guess I can do with some ‘stability’.



Can’t do without. Especially because it feels as if something is still blooming, not withering away:


By Louise Bogan

Now that I know
That passion warms little
Of flesh in the mold,
And treasure is brittle,
I’ll lie here and learn
How, over their ground,
Trees make a long shadow
And a light sound.
–August 1922


And do I not yearn and dream of that long shadow?



I don’t have my photographs from the dying laptop. I hope I can recover them. Something from an old folder then. A Thanksgiving friends’ lunch. We ate tamales over and above other sumptuous stuff. Eat well and be thankful all!

You can guess: Food hyperactivity. Followed by food coma later!


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