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Peg Boyers’ “Playa Colorada” and Interview on Combustus; Delhi Photo

Editor Deanna Piowaty recently interviewed poet Peg Boyers on her literary magazine COMBUSTUS. Read it HERE.

Having won a scholarship, I had the opportunity of working with Peg at the NYS Summer Writers Institute’s workshops at Skidmore College, NY, in 2011. She is the editor of Salmagundi journal published from Skidmore College.

I went and plugged  a comment on the article online. And Peg replied. She even emailed me soon after. She’s just awesome, Peg!


Naturally then, we’ll read one of Peg’s poems here:

By Peg Boyers b. 1952 Peg Boyers

It was a beach
like all beaches, only perhaps more beautiful.
And the sand was pink not red.
We would arrive in caravans,
hampers overflowing with food and drink
like Aziz and his party on the way to Malabar.
The colonials and their servants away on an outing.
We would stop under thatch umbrellas,
towels and tablecloths spread out against the sea.
My mother in her skirted swim suit
surrounded by fathers of other children,
her olive skin lit through her straw hat.
They would laugh and drink beer
and leer
while the children did the usual beach things,
boring futile tunnels to China, running
at waves and then away,
daring each other to be swallowed.
I would go out by the forbidden rocks and pick off oysters,
then give them to the men to pry open,
cover with lime juice and suck dry.
Once, I saw my mother sucking
an oyster out of another daddy’s hand.
Her dappled face bobbed and smiled and her tongue
searched the shell for pearls.

Peg Boyers, “Playa Colorada” from Honey with Tobacco. Copyright © 2007 by Peg Boyers.  Reprinted by permission of The University of Chicago Press.


For some reason I want to add a pic of Delhi, a current one. Hard to categorize what is “current” in Delhi these days for I haven’t really seen this city up close ever since I’ve been away from it a long long time. Still, this is from the Internet:




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