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BLUE VESSEL, My New Poetry Book; Etc.

My short collection of poetry BLUE VESSEL is out from the small press Les Editions du Zaporogue, Denmark. Editor  Sebastien Doubinsky (himself an acclaimed writer and editor) did a fab job with it. The Skidmore College poet-professor and NYS Summer Writers Institute director Peg Boyers wrote a foreword for the book.

It’s a print on order book, as well as it is available as a downloadable pdf. You’ll buy it, won’t you! Just for 4+ dollars and some love 🙂

This book thing happened only recently. And the other wonderful thing that happened connected to “Blue Vessel” is that well known Indian poet Sudeep Sen cited the book as one of the best poetry books of 2012 in India!

Perhaps it’s okay to post a poem from the collection. So here you go:


Essence of Exhibits

Most of the canvases – gouache or oil – are
wide to the point of distraction, left or right
most of it a rainbow garden or just too apparent
one appreciates them better with closed eyes

The terracotta is always standing, spirited
arms or sabers raised, hooves high in the air
ceramic orbs sport slithering lights on silken heads
after a while they too melt in our infinite stare

There are of course those perky glass forms, bright
like our eyes scanning them, not seeking at all
they grow like vines on walls or kitschy pedestals
forced to wait, until we finish skimming over the rest.

blue vessel cover***

What does one write in “Etc.”? I’ll return. Edit and write a few more lines.



5 comments on “BLUE VESSEL, My New Poetry Book; Etc.

  1. Shruti Sareen
    January 4, 2013

    I want Blue Vessel!! How does one buy it?
    and Congrats on the Muse India poems as well. I have a paper there too, on Anjum’s poetry, in the NE section. 🙂

  2. Do You See
    January 5, 2013

    Came back to add, since queries have come in, that BLUE VESSEL is available from this link —

    The link is embedded in the “title” in the very first line of this post. But a lot of readers didn’t think of clicking on it.

  3. Shruti Sareen
    January 5, 2013

    sorry, Nabina. that was a useless question I asked for the heck of asking, and you know it. well, I went to Lulu and tried to “buy” the ebook pdf version. I “added it to cart” but somehow don’t know how to download it or “buy” it. I tried several times. well, okay…

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  5. Do You See
    February 28, 2013

    Nice to read that pingback reference to my book Blue Vessel in the morning! Thanks, Ahoy 🙂

    For those that are struggling to buy or download the book, please note you have to have a Lulu account (free of course) first. Simple, right?

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