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2013 Poems; Nina’s Blues; Updated “Fiction” Page Info; Tintin Turns 84!

After or at the same time with BLUE VESSEL, commended by Sudeep Sen as one of the best poetry books of 2012, a few poems got out in various places. With paucity of time, I haven’t been able to write in details about them. Will just mention them below quickly.

  • WRITING MEMORY issue of “The Four Quarters Magazine” has five poems of mine. Three a sequence of my Camden memories and two unconnected ones.
  • A very smart new journal from the northeast called “Northeast Revew” has three of my poems — the one called “Working Nrityagram” an evolving series under the editors selection called LASTLY AND OTHER POEMS.
  • Hyderabad-based litmag “Muse India” has published three brand new poems of mine. I called them “Recollecting the North in the East” — the theme being northeast where I grew up — but the editors added this tag within parentheses. Must be bearing some new meaning now.

Please read!


An editor visited visited my empty “Fiction” page and was kind enough to leave a comment. I’m presuming it is not spam. So I wrote a reply to her and also filled the page with some cursory information. How embarrassing to have left it blank all this while! This is what’s on the page now —

Fiction news. Briefly.

My first collection of short fiction “The House of Twining Roses – Stories of the Mapped and the Unmapped is being published this year, from LiFi Publications, House of DK.

Short fiction ABOUT ARIBAM in “Inertia” magazine.

Short fiction THE FARRIER in “The Cartier Street Review“.

Short fiction TARA GOES HOME in anthology “Inner Voices” from Mirage Books.


Recently it was Cornelius Eady‘s birthday. And I’ll post this poetry video — CE reads Nina’s Blues. You know who he celebrates. I also like it for the fact that Nina is my first name!


Did you know Tintin turned 84 one of these days? Here’s a pic to say how I adore him:

tintin bday


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