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Interview on Telugu Dalit Poetry with Naren Bedide; Södergran: “those strange, sunset-red laments”

Naren Bedide writes and translates. The latter bit is a fascinating body of work from Telugu Dalit poetry. I caught up with him on a longstanding interview I had proposed. There’s so much to know, so much to put down on the paper. For Naren, it became one gigantic essay. On my end, I saw a multi-part interview. Finally, we placed our piece in Prairie Schooner of University of Nebraska-L.

Read part 1 of the interview

 An excerpt if you please:

It’s not very difficult to imagine that the larger community has little or no idea of “Dalit Literature.” That tells us something about it; that the literature of the former ‘untouchables’ should largely remain untouchable even now, when it is available in such profusion, tells us how desperately the world wants to stand still and hold its breath so that it will go away.

Reading this makes a lot of things clear in my mind…

The Portrait



For my little ballads,
those strange, sunset-red laments,
spring paid me a gull’s egg.
I bade my lover paint my portrait
                                            on its thick shell.
He painted a new bulb in brown soil—
on the other side, a powdery mound of sand.


Source: Poetry (June 2011).


I was semi-jogging after a long time while in Varkala. It was warm, balmy and fishermen were catching the day’s breakfast close to the south cliff. Ignore my soda-bottom glasses please:



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