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“The Song of Kamala Sundari”; “Blue Vessel” Selection on Hindi Poet’s Blog; Conversation on “Vayavya” Lit Mag

KINDLE magazine (not related to Amazon) solicited a piece from me for their special March issue. “Reclaiming My Body“. It seems they asked people to write essays and fiction, mostly. I offered a poem. Nidhi and Sayan, the editors, said they loved it. “The Song of Kamala Sundari” is in the print magazine. I wasn’t quite sure what body part I was reclaiming. The eds said it’s feet. Or, legs, maybe? For you to decide once you read the poem. For me it was more complex. Women, migration, body, connectedness.

And you can figure out some more if you know/hear the song “bhalo koriya bajan go dotara, shundori Komola nache” — Oh play that dotara well, so our lady Kamala can dance blithe and joyful!

kindle body


Hindi poet Tripurari Kumar Sharma who’s the talk of town in several forums, read some of my BLUE VESSEL poems and posted a selection on his blog BEING POET.

He did pick up one of my favorites: “Jeanne Moreau’s Song“!

Please read.


Young poet Mihir Vatsa and team have a new lit mag called VAYAVYA. Nice art work and all.

They put up a conversation of mine on the site. Casual stuff, no secrets spilled. Read here.


Met two of my former colleagues recently at an awards function. The official photog got us three — me with Barsha (left) and Monica — together. I like these ladies a lot!



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